sell Wholesale Eyewear Glasses Eyeglasses Optical Frames from China in cheap price

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Goldso eyewear manufactuer Co., Ltd . is a manufacturer specialized in optical frames and sunglasses . Because of great qualities and pretty competitive price.Our products had been provided in many countries.Now we company is going to expand our market and we welcome business partner from all over the world.

The produces of us are with competitive price and high qualitier.so sincerely hope we can cooperate with each other .

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of high quality eyewear.

♦ High quality products.

♦ We offer customize samples.

♦ Over 15 years OEM experience.

♦ We do OEM/ODM/Wholesale service.

Best regards,


Goldso eyewear manufactuer Co., Ltd

joanna dot zeng AT foxmail dot com

TEL / wechat:86 13860768461

Цена: rmb2.9 руб.
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