Cost-Effective Industrial IOT Gateway 4G Cellular Network Industrial IOT Gateway Remote Control

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Cost-Effective Industrial IOT Gateway 4G Cellular Network Industrial IOT Gateway Remote Control

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BL100 is a cost-effective industrial IOT gateway based on cellular network. It supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MQTT, Alibaba Cloud, HUAWEI Cloud, King Pigeon Cloud, custom platform and transparent data transmission. Users can connect it to third-party server, cloud platform and SCADA easily.
With a built-in industrial GSM/GPRS/3G/4G communication module, BL100 has integrated stable and reliable 32-bit MCU based on embedded uCOSII real-time operation system
It supports Modbus Slave and Modbus Master with up to 320 extended data points for data collection. Users can configure high/low limit parameters according to various application requirements. If any threshold is triggered, device will send notification to users via SMS and transmit the data to monitoring center without operator on-site check


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1,Use 4G cellular network for communication without range limit

2,Support 9~36VDC power supply with reverse connection protection

3,2 channels of built-in DC power output (Output power voltage is equal to input power voltage) to save wiring cost

4,Simple and convenient parameter setting with local configuration software and remote SMS

5,Built-in software and hardware watchdog to prevent false deadlock

6,1 RS485 serial port, support Modbus RTU to MQTT and transparent transmission

7,Serial port baud rate supports 2400bps-115200bps; stop bit supports 1, 2, data bit supports 8, parity bit supports None, Odd, Even

8,Support Modbus Slave protocol and can be connected to host computer like SCADA, HMI, DSC, PLC, etc. Support Modbus RTU Master and can connect up to 48 Modbus Slave devices with max 320 datapoints

9,Support SMS alarm for monitoring various Modbus data, support configuration software parameter setting and SMS inquiry, if any communication problem, will notify users with SMS

10,Use complete offline prevention mechanism to re-transmit offline data and notify users with SMS

11,Support remote device restart and parameter setting with SMS

12,Support 10 user numbers to receive device disconnection, serial port data beyond limit, and other alarm messages

13,Built-in timer function to perform scheduled automatic data reporting, SMS, Arm/Disarm and device restarting

14,Support PC configuration software to read, import, export parameters and upgrade firmware through USB interface

15,Metal case, IP30 protection grade, metal case and PCBA are isolated safely, applicable in industrial sites

16,Compact size, support wall-mounting and 35mm DIN rail mounting

Цена: 120 руб.
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