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Technical Specifications

1) Ultra Pure Gas: Ultra pure (99.99%) gas generation with continuous purity monitoring increases equipment life, saving considerable maintenance and replacement costs.

2) Proven Reliability: The system is configured with over-voltage protection device. In case hydrogen output flow exceeds maximum pressure, the generator will automatically shut down. It could be restarted after manually turning off power supply.

3) Stable gas flow: Continuous and stable gas output: the generator can be used continuously or intermittently with stable gas production and purity.

4) Fully Tested: Each unit thoroughly factory-tested to meet national standards and exceed industry codes.

Product Characteristic

The purification technology includes chemical reaction, physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.

Common processes include catalytic reaction, molecular sieve adsorption, ultra-low temperature adsorption, metal getter adsorption, palladium alloy membrane diffusion purification, etc. common processes include PSA, TPSA, etc.

The hydrogen drying and purification equipment is fully automatic controlled by PLC and automatic instrument,the switch of the valve is automatic.

About ZXD

The company\'s products are used in hydrogen refueling stations, new energy, chemical, non-ferrous metals,
electric power, steel, aviation and other industries, and are sold globally, such as the United States,
South Korea, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa ,
Taiwan and many other countries and regions.

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